Enquire Management System Features

Better user experience

With our enquiry management system, it’s all about an improved experience for your users

  • Publish FAQs – service users can help themselves to answers any time – night or day
  • Ask and search feature
  • Automated responses reassure users that their enquiry has been received
  • Rating – measure customer satisfaction

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Our enquiry management software makes it easy to capture enquiries in any form

Don’t force your users to change their behaviour! There’s no logging in to ticketing systems.

  • Enquire intercept emails – users can simply send an email to your group email address
  • Online enquiry forms – users can complete an online form to send a request to the enquiry desk.
  • Web forms ensure you get all the information you need when the enquiry is first submitted
  • Easy telephone enquiries prompting your handlers with the right questions
  • Record enquiries at the desk
  • Use quick counters to capture those quick interactions
  • Tablet friendly for when you are out and about
  • Create enquiries from social media tweets & posts

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Our enquiry management system helps your enquiry handlers to process enquiries from start to finish

enquiry handler.jpg

  • Email and online enquiries are created straight into your system – no cutting and pasting!
  • Send emails from the system so all correspondence is in one place
  • Attachments are send and stored in the system too
  • Automatic deadlines or service targets
  • Assign – ownership is clear
  • Automated warnings – never miss a deadline
  • Search answers – share knowledge and see how similar enquiries were answered
  • Stopwatch – for accurate time recording
  • Full work log to record all stages of research undertaken
  • Shared knowledge – searching for similar enquiries helps ensure you re-invent the wheel

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Our enquiry management system improves productivity and consistency of enquiry processing

  • Allocate workload according to location, specialism and availability
  • Monitor the queue
  • User details picked up from your central database – no need to enter them every time
  • New users can create their own account
  • Auto-replies and message templates – save time by using automated replies on receipt of enquiries and message templates for standard responses
  • Set up default deadlines to ensure you meet performance targets.
  • Sort enquiries by deadline and priority to make sure you don’t miss deadlines.
  • Enquiry handlers don’t have to stop to enter enquiries into a separate spreadsheet or database – everything happens in your single enquiry tracking application.

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Improving management information and insights


Statistics and management insights without extra effort

  • Integrate your enquiry tracking software with Windows Directory or user registry so demographic and contact details are automatically picked up on every enquiry – makes collecting enquiry statistics automatic and consistent.
  • No matter how they are created the submission time is automatically recorded.
  • Completion time is automatically recorded.
  • Produce a detailed report of the enquiry.
  • Statistics to help you improve your service and prove your value to higher management.
  • Aggregated financial data can be imported into other finance systems without re-keying.
  • Pre-configured management reports – time broken down by staff, type of enquiries, cost sub-totaled by budget codes, analyse resources used, etc.

Measurement and monitoring are the keys to improving your service

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Multi-team and international capacity for 24.7 service


  • Multiple team functionality – each enquiry team can have their own web forms, inbox, queues, work flows, responses and charging rates, etc.
  • Multi-timezone – automatically renders time in the users local time.
  • Multi-currency – automatically converts to local currency value
  • Multi-office – while one office sleeps another office is working allowing you to offer a 24/7 service

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