Enquire: enquiry management software

Enquire is an inbound enquiry management system

Enquire is different from most CRM systems which are designed to manage outbound sales and marketing interactions. Our enquiry management software is all about managing inbound enquiries,  helping you to keep track of them, follow-up and never missing a deadline.

Bailey Solutions offers configurable enquiry management software to help organisations of all sizes manage their enquiries.

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Enrich the customer experience with our enquiry management software


Enquire makes it easy for enquirers to submit their enquiries directly to the enquiry team via emails  or your intranet and website. Enquirers can then follow the progress of their enquiries or search a knowledge base of FAQs. You can set up auto-replies and/or reply templates for a consistent response to new and in progress enquiries. The Enquire dashboard ensures you never miss a deadline and helps you meet Service Level Agreements or targets to follow-up enquiries in a timely fashion.

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Increase Team Efficiency with our enquiry management system

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Enquire provides your staff with an easy tool to record all enquiry work in one place  – no more hunting through inboxes! Enquiry staff can focus on the enquiries assigned to or claimed by them. Team leaders can monitor workflows and re-assign enquiries in the pipeline if enquiry staff are suddenly off-sick, unavailable or overloaded with other enquiries. Enquire improves the productivity and knowledge of your team with a searchable knowledge base of solutions or sources for past enquiries.

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Better Management Information


Unlike a group email account, Enquire has quick, easy, accurate on-demand access to meaningful qualitative management information. There’s no need to enter data in spreadsheets, Enquire automatically produces statistical information to demonstrate the productivity of your team and your customer satisfaction record to higher management.

Management insights inform how you can improve your service, spot training gaps, manage staff performance and more.

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Our enquiry management system is the software product of choice for businesses, universities and colleges, legal and professional firms, government departments, charities, institutes and associations around the world.

Enquire is suitable for libraries, press offices, customer services, public enquiry points, freedom of information teams – in fact anywhere where you handle inbound enquiries on a regular basis.

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